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The screen is not lit

Almost always when I turn on the computer (Travel Mate C110), the screen is dark even though it is in the bottom image. Able to resolve the problem by putting the computer to sleep and wake it several times in sequence until the screen is illuminated

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Is your laptop screen very dim? Can you only just make out an image? Don't worry, chances are your problem can be fixed without needing to fork out on a new laptop.

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How can I break at bios password on a travelmate c110

Be VERY VERY wary if your bios suddenly asks for a password without you setting one. A blue screen which is then followed by the bios asking for a password could very well be the result of an attempt (successful or not) by malicious software to embed itself in your bios. This specialised attack is un-dettectable by anti-virus programs because it resides on the motherboards BIOS E_PROM and survives even if the hard-drive is replaced and a clean OS is loaded. This sort of attack isn't from people interested in using your computer as a mere spam-bot, it's far, far, far more serious than that. I'll say no more!I know this is an old thread but people with the same problem in future will see this while searching for similar problems.
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Acer C110 Tablet

The cheapest way is about £100 for a laptop company to replace the bios - having said that - the tablet is only worth about £250 in it's current format anyways - so not sure what to do as yet...I'd always be careful about flashing bios's especially if you do it ad-hoc - I'd only ever do it under instruction from Acer directly as they then have to take responsibility for it if it does not work...
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Acer c300 tablet color went nuts after vid driver update

Hi I am Vortash .. first thing to do is get rid of your old driver and the update .. start the computer up in safe mode . you do this by hitting f8 just after the bios flash screen or if you dont have that .. just as it is about to start windows .. go to add and remove programs remove the driver if it is listed .. then go to add and remove hardware ( both these are in control panel ) and click on Display adapter and uninstall them then close all the programs and rebboot it will search it'self for drivers and at first probably load generic PCI drivers dont worry let it do that .. you can change it after .. when its rebbooted install the correct drivers and reebbot again the computer should then re-install your graphics .. hope this helps Regards Vortash
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How to break bios password

Else, download OPHcrack live CD. Cut the ISO in a CD. Make a bootrun with the liveCD, and follow the instructions (choose graphical interface). Your unknown passwords (whatever is set by all users including admin) will be traced and visible within minutes.
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Acer travelmate c110 blue screen , how to fix it

If windows won't boot and if you have tried the safe mode and "Last Known Good Configuration" mode, then try the procedure below and repair the windows installation files. Windows Start-up Errors Step one, you need a Windows Installation CD. If you only have a recovery disk set like the ones from HP or Compaq they will not do what you need done. Under normal circumstances however, you can use a Dell disk because the Operating system is on a stand-alone disk. All retail versions are also acceptable as well as upgrade disks. For a rule of thumb, if the disk has the Microsoft hologram it should work. While the computer is first starting up and you see the manufacturers splash screen, tap F12 (some computers it’s F9, others it may be another key, you may have to watch and see if the computer lists the key strokes for getting to the boot menu. If you still cannot find it, boot into the BIOS settings and change your boot order there. Save your settings and exit, the computer will now seek the cd rom as its boot source first. Place your Windows disk in the computer and start it up. When you see the test at the top of the page “Press Any Key To Boot From CD” Just hit the space bar to activate. The next screen you will see will most likely be a Windows setup screen, when you see this press the “R” key to get to the recovery console. It will get there, it may take a little time, patience. Once it loads you will be given a choice of Windows installations, there should only be one, if there are more, always pick number one. It may ask for an administrators password, if you have not set this particular password, then just leave it blank and press enter. The next prompt you see is: C:\Windows> You need to type the following: cd \ hit enter. Pay close attention to the spacing between the characters. There is a space between the character “d” and the “\” You are now at the ROOT of the drive, this is where basic commands can be given and changed. You should now see the following: C:\> Now type the following: CHKDSK /R Hit the enter key. The chkdsk /r command also includes the P command and will also look for lost recoverable information in bad sectors. There are occasions depending on how corrupt the system is, that this process could take several hours, so be patient with it. Now, after chkdsk has run type the following: FIXBOOT Hit the enter key. It may prompt you with a warning, that’s ok, just continue. When fixboot has finished, type: EXIT hit enter and windows will reboot. When the system reboots, tap the F8 key during this time and you will see the multi-boot menu come up. Scroll to the title “Last Know Good Configuration” and hit the enter key. If you were having some simple drive errors this should have fixed them.
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I just bought a 2nd hand acer travelmate c110 and does not have anything so i installed a windows xp service pack 2. my question is i cannot use the touch screen is there any driver for it?

Go on acer's website and look for that particular model where you will get a list of downloads available for this model.You should be able to find the driver for this touchscreen and install it.If this does not work then you may have a hardware fault.
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Screen is dark. fan runs, LEDs are lit. no video

Check the Time and date settings in BIOS
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The screen is not lit

This is most likely your backlight CCFL tube or Inverter. Unless you are very confident and experienced at laptop repairs, you should take this into a repair shop to be fixed. It will only need a £10 part. I recently replaced my backlight and it cost £9.99.
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The Screen on my RCA tablet shows but the tablet is not working, what can i do?

Sounds froze reset it. turn off first I would power button and volume down first this won't erase your data. just reset this version will delete your data. found it at link below Turn off the tablet and hold down the volume up button and then the power button. Release both when the dog appears. After the dead Android appears, there are three methods of bringing up the menu, and you'll need to find the one that works on your device: 1. Press power and volume up buttons (works on my family's) or 2. Press volume up or 3. Tap the Android Navigate the menu with the volume keys, and select an option with the power button. Factory Reset of the RCA RCT6077W2 TabletIt took me long time to find this
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Acer travelmate C110 & Acer projector X11602

Hi Andrew, you can try changing the output of the travelmate, to VGA Or External Device. ensure you have the correct output lead from computer to projecter. Then on your keyboard you should have a button that changes the output. i.e numerical 5-6-7 or 8. usually says LCD/VGA et,c. failing this try altering the output in the systems bios setup. you can enter this by pressing F2 Or esc at bootup. if your unsure, and none of this helps, i,d suggest visiting acers site. and downloading the user manual(s) Mike @ Compurepair.
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