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HP TX1320US not powering up .. seems dead..

My HP TX1320US not powering up .. seems dead.. not booting up at all..Two days before my laptop died there was sudden freeze.. everything froze for about 2 minutes.. ithappened couple of times.. at time freeze was for 30 sec and at timesit was for 5 minutes.. I saw that CPU usage hit 100%I restarted the machine couple of time.. it started but the same problem..then suddenly it refused to start.. with power on and batteryWhenever I slide the power on button.. there is less than a 1 second flash of the units LEDs and it powers off.I disconnected the battery, power and left the machine for about

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its still under warranty but hp is trying to charge me to fix the case, because it has a crack in it.
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HP TX1320US not powering up .. seems dead..

The problem is in the GPU this defective chp is verheating and causing the WLANt fail and then it gets the solder joints loose on the board causng no video. It is a rather easy fix if yu are ok with removing your own motherboard. If interested I am willing to do the fix for anyone that has one of these machines. I have one and completed the fix on mine and 4 other machines. If interested email me at [email protected] thanks and good luck.
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HP Pavilion TX1320us powers up, screen is black, nothing on an external monitor - seems to be bad video card. These were recalled and after trying since May 09 with an authorized HP reseller/repair educational institution, I was then told HP would no longer let them fix a consumer model (although they had just done one!) and now HP tellls me it's too late!!! ARGGG! HP had told the college they could fix it all that time - saying they'd send a box soon, then they changed the rules. Now I can't get the POC fixed anywhere?!? What's up?

When we talk about laptop won't boot up it is a hardware failure.First of all, most of the hardware failures that are going to be presented in this article require you to disassemble the laptop and work on its internal components. Because of this, you need the required components to take the laptop apart (such as screwdrivers, etc.) and space, lots of space. If you don't have a workbench, then working on that large table in the living room should do it.Second of all, you need to be extra careful about ESD (electrostatic discharge). Sure, this is important when working with a desktop system too, but you really shouldn't consider this as some sort of overreaction or waste of time. A few anti-static conductive bags should suffice. These are going to be useful when you take apart components from the laptop and you need a safe place to put them down.If the laptop does not power on using the batteries, then try to power it using the AC adapter. Pay attention and see whether the LED on the laptop lights up, signaling that the adapter was detected. If yes, then your power jack works. If the notebook still does not power on, disassemble the laptop and remove the batteries. Look first for the CMOS battery and take it out.Your best bet is that the problem is memory-related. What you need to do is re-seat the memory modules. If there are more than one, then try swapping them between each other and try different slots. Try booting again. If it does not work, then try running with only one module - this way, you can tell whether one is faulty.Disassemble the laptop and remove the HDD, CD/DVD drives, and the modem and/or wireless card(s). If possible, take out the sound card module (if separate). To minimize the possible causes, you may disconnect the LCD panel as well. Try running this way. If it does boot, then try connecting each connector one at a time, booting up in between to localize the problem.Good luck and take time to do a hard troubleshooting this trouble is not easy as well. You need to be care full in removing the some parts so that the other will not affected and being damaged.
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My Tablet PCT4010 Seems dead after forced power off...

I had the same thing happen on my T4010D. The circuit to the power supply is foobar'd. I took apart my machine and then put it back together without changing anything and it fixed the problem temporarily. That worked successfully twice, which was long enough to get most of my files off of the machine. I ended up just buying a new laptop.
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Satellite R10 Wont turn on

When you press the power button, does anything happen? Or does the flashing light just continue? If so, you may have a damaged power control section in the computer.
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PC powers up but does not boot up, nothing but a blank screen and the sound of the cooling fan.

The first step would be to make sure the computer is off, unplug any and all devices from the system, as well as the power cord, then flip the computer over, and remove the battery. With all devices and power sources removed, flip the computer back over, and hold the power button in the on position for approximately 20 seconds (this is what's called a "power reset"). After that has finished, plug only the power adapter into the computer (leave the battery unplugged) and attempt to turn the computer on this way. If this works, then it may be either the battery or one of the devices plugged into the computer that may be causing the problem. If this doesn't resolve it, then the other step that you can take is to try removing the RAM, Hard Drive and Wireless LAN cards inside each of the panels at the bottom of the unit (you will need to have a #0 or #1 philips screwdriver handy to remove the protective panels). Also make sure that you are in a clean environment when handling these parts by hand, as static electrivity can damage the parts and void your warranty, if you have one. Always make sure that you are grounding yourself somehow when handling these parts (usually touching a metal panel inside the computer will discharge any electricity in your body without damaging components, just don't touch an actual component). If you can remove all of the internal workings of the laptop, again, plug only the ac power in, and try turning on the computer. If it works, the computer should begin emitting long beeps, which denotes a "No RAM installed" error. If it doesn't resolve the issue and you don't hear long beeps, then you have a motherboard failure, and should seek the assistance of an authorized HP repair center (most likely through your place of purchase, or by calling HP directly at 1-800-HP INVENT). If you hear the long beeps though, insert one of your sticks of RAM, and again, turn the computer on with just the power adapter. If you see the HP splash logo on your screen, then chances are it's the other stick of RAM that has failed, and you will need to get it replaced. If it doesn't resolve the issue, then switch the sticks of RAM and try again. The idea here is to try and isolate the fault to a single part, and replace that one part. If you are not familiar or comfortable in removing these components, please seek the assistance of a certified technical specialist from one of your local computer stores.
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Ainol Novo 10 Hero 10 won't turn on :( it appears dead :'(

Sounds like it is not charging. The unit will power on momentarily if low batter but power off straight away Get an electrical competent person to check the output of the power unit or use know good unit.
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I can't get any display on the screen of my pc.The power is working very well and all the led indicators are on. No sound during POST, and I have tried connecting a screen through the external screen port. But I still can't get any display. I need help and I need it real quick as this whole thing is affecting my work. Thanks, awaiting the best solution. NB: It's a HP pavilion Entertainment PC (Tablet)

please follow the following instructions i hope this helps Disconnect all peripheral devices and remove all USB devices and media cards. You want to test the computer not the accessories! Disconnect the AC power adapter, remove the battery, and then press and hold the power button for at least 15 seconds . Reconnect the AC power adapter (but do not connect the battery), Press the Power button, Look for glowing LEDs near caps lock and num lock keys, and Listen for sounds of a disk drive and fan turning
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Acer Travelmate 2200 laptop

Try taking the laptop battery out. You can remove the laptop battery by turning it over, you'll usually see some sliders at the bottom, slide them to the unlock position and you should be able to wedge your battery out. The battery usually comes in a very tall and thin rectangular shape. Once the battery is out, plug the laptop in through the mains power - this may solve your problem, if it does, you'll need a new battery if you wish to use it on the move. If it does not solve your problem, it is either a faulty power adaptor, or a faulty power supply on the motherboard of your laptop. A faulty power adaptor or battery is the best case scenario, as it's the cheapest to buy a replacement (although it's still expensive - $120 worth in the UK roughly). A faulty power supply on the mainboard generally means you'll need a replacement mainboard which is totally uneconomical, especially with the labour cost to fit it professionally. If the battery and power adaptor is not faulty, you might as well scrap it and get a new laptop. Good luck Tina!
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Have the power adaptor checked by an electrician, most probably you will need a replacement. If you establish that the adaptor is working, then something happened to the battery charging circuitry in your Asus and it will need repair. If it's still under warranty, then you are good, otherwise it would be better if the adaptor alone failed, as replacement adaptors are rather inexpensive compared to laptop repairs.
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