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Battery is not charging

I have a ZD8350LA ,some days ago the battery stopped charging and the indicator led blinks every time the battery is in the device, my computer is only 10 months old, can it be a configuration problem on the motherboard? or the battery has broke down? My Li-ION battery stopped charging out of the blue. The AC adapter definitely works, because I can use the computer when the AC is plugged in, the battery doesn't seem hold a charge anymore at all. It used to work, and it didn't stop working gradually, just all of a sudden.

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New battery will not charge, shuts down

Have you tried connecting it up, leave it for say 8 hours and don't use, try it then?
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Battery won't charge

Find a computer/electronics tech to solder the leads to the jack back on. I had to do that too. You just need to be careful if you, or they take it apart b/c the cable and leads are very delicate. I got it working and thought I missed something only to rip the video card out and need to buy a new motherboard on ebay, which is another idea for ya.
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Battery is not charging

Let the battery go all the way dead. You may have to adjust the settings in your bios so that the laptop will stay on until the battery goes completely dead. Then charge the battery. Do this a few times if it does not fix the problem you do need a new battery.
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Compaq tc 4400 battery does not charge

You may need a new battery... Somehow the way to test this is to try charging it on another laptop of the same model.
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Computer "sees" new battery (genuine hp) at 100% according to power meter. Battery will not power computer. The gauge on the battery also shows 100% charge. (four led's on) The old battery works fine, but is wearing out.

It may happen when the BIOS is not updated or when it wont caliberate the battrey. Please follow the steps: > Restart the computer (without the power plug) and keep on tapping F2 or Del (delete) key to enter into CMOS (BIOS) utility screen, click on Advance, you should see an option for "Caliberate Battrey", select it and hit Enter. It will drain the battrey. Once it is done restart the computer and charge the battrey. It should take care of the issue, if not, go to next step> Shutdown the computer, unplug power cable, remove Battrey and keepon pressing the power button for 20 secs (make sure battrey and power cable unplugged). It will drain out the static power from the computer. Now plugging battrey and power cable, restart the computer, if still not working, next step> You have to update the BIOS, go the computer manufacturer website and get an updated version of BIOS.
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The charging circuit doesn't seem to be working. The charge indicator LED is lit red (and has been for a long time). It sometimes goes out for a few seconds but then comes back on red. It does not seem like the battery is charging. I ALWAYS have this tablet computer plugged in to AC, and it is typically running straight for weeks on end. I RARELY use the unit portable in battery mode. I have tried, in the fairly recent past, to use the battery setup utility in the BIOS to reset the apparent "full" state of the battery but this operation fails because the charge circuit does not seem to be re-charging the battery. I am guessing the charge circuitry has failed in the tablet itself. Is this a repairable part or "board"? Where would I find one? What is it called? Does it have any identifying numbers? Any help you can give would be great!

Unfortunately, as far as I know, there is no "Replacement" part for this. It will have to be fixed by the Manufacturer. It isn't a "Part" per-say, but a circuit on the motherboard itself. If it is no longer working, then it is a hardware issue, and since it is a "Laptop" style computer, there is no way to simply fix it.
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Laptop hp compaq tc 4400 is not charging , during adapter connected to laptop and turning power/standby led ... it doesnt switches on, instead battery charging led blinks 4 times, and doesnt turns on, so pls help

Whenyou connect the power adapter into the laptop, does the power LED lightup? If not then - The battery adapter or the adapter's power lead or the laptop's powersocket could be faulty. Check power adapter's DCplug that connects into the laptop power socket with a multi-meter, the voltageshould be slightly higher than the voltage that is printed on the label on thebottom of the adapter. If the voltage is zero or way below the voltage that isprinted on the label then the power adapter is faulty and needs to be replaced. If the adapter is OK thenconnect it to the laptop and power it up, then look at the power/batterycharging LED light and wriggle the power plug in the laptop's powersocket. If the power/battery LED light flashes and in a certain position thisLED light stays firm, then the power socket is either faulty or it has a drysolder joint where it is connected to the motherboard. This can be repaired but itrequires the laptop to be completely dismantled to get at this power socket andrepair. If you cannot DIY then I suggest you get a quote first.
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