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Posted by diogo_leal on Jun 09, 2009

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FAQs - Panasonic

Current models of the CF-18 Toughbook PCs are preinstalled with Windows XP Professional SP2 (Touchscreen models) or Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 (Digitizer models).
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Upgrade Toughbook CF-19CDBAXVM (MK1) from XP to Windows 7

Sep 08, 2013 · The Panasonic Toughbook CF-19MK1 and CF-19MK2 are not supported with Windows 7 drivers. However, upgrading from Windows XP Pro to Windows Pro is possible ...
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HOWTO: Install Windows 7 on a CF-18 mk1 | NotebookReview

HOWTO: Install Windows 7 on a CF-18 ... device present in the CF-18 mk1; if your Toughbook has a video device ... on a cf-18... as quick as a good xp install ...
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Toughbook cf-18 touchscreen drivers

Dec 18, 2010 · Toughbook cf-18 touchscreen drivers. Windows 7 IT Pro > ... Also i tried with installing the driver through xp/vista compatability and run as ...
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Panasonic Toughbook CF 18 Recovery Disk ISO & Drivers

Panasonic Toughbook CF-18 restore disk ... (product key) and it will re-install the Panasonic® Toughbook CF-18 in ... Windows® XP Pro 32 Bit (x86) Windows® XP ...
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Installing windows 95 on a Panasonic Toughbook CF-27 - YouTube

Oct 01, 2016 · Installing windows 95 on a Panasonic Toughbook CF-27 ... How To Download Windows XP Professional SP3 Latest 2017 And ... Panasonic Toughbook CF-27 ...

Cannot reinstall Windows on Toughbook CF-19, OEM or upgrade ...

Cannot reinstall Windows on Toughbook CF-19, ... This extracted product key isn't working with any version of Windows I try installing. XP Pro, ... 18. William Hilsum ...
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Touch screen driver install. - Panasonic Toughbook CF-29

Perhaps RETURNING to Windows XP home is the answer. I tried XP Pro and 7 pro and "no go." ... Touch screen driver install. ... Panasonic CF-18 Touchscreen Not Working.
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Yes, your Toughbook can run Windows 7 - Bob Johnson's ...

Yes, your Toughbook can run Windows 7; ... We regularly install 7 in CF-51, CF-52 ... our technicians will set you up with Windows 7 Professional and you'll have one ...
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XP can not be installed from usb as the bios does not enable it. Plug the ide hard drive into an older desktop system and install from boot on cd. Once all files are copied over then you need to copy the i386 folder over from the cd. Reinstall the hard drive into the toughbook and carry on the install from there.
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On the Panasonic CF-18 the memory module is under the speaker assembly. You have to remove all six screws, unplug the speaker from the main board then remove the chrome plate to access the memory.
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I bought the proper matching two 1Gig sticks of memory to upgrade my 2G mHz TC4200. I installed them and it wouldn't boot, so I swapped back the 1G stick to the original 512mHz chip and it booted. Then I re and re'd the two new 1G sticks and it booted but when I installed the 2 of the 1G sticks, again it wouldn't boot. I'm using one of the 1G sticks and the 512 stick together and it operates fine. Either of the 1G sticks works with the 512 stick but not both of the 1G sticks together. Is there something I am not doing ? Maybe there is an adjustment in the bios or somewhere in the XP Pro Tablet OS I'm missing. HELP!!! Thanks, Rob.

Ok, Rob, did you buy the memory from Compaq/HP? Or is it a 3rd party set (ie. Viking, PNY, etc.)? Sometimes, Compaq/HP computers are VERY picky about the specifications of the memory that the mother boards will use. If you bought them from a 3rd party vendor, I would recommend taking them back and exchanging them for another brand or even just another set of sticks, but, before we go that route, let's try something else. Install a 1gb stick and the 512Mb stick and then go into the BIOS and see how much ram is being registered there. If it reads all 1.5Gb of ram, then we know it is something else, if not, then we have somewhere else to look. Assuming the BIOS registered the full amount of ram, try removing the 512Mb stick and then boot the computer, enter the BIOS and see if it is reading the 1gb stick properly. Assuming it did register the 1gb properly, swap the 2 1gb sticks out and repeat. If it did NOT register the lone 1gb stick, try moving the 1 gb stick to the other socket, and checking the BIOS again. If that works, then swap the 1gb sticks out, repeat the BIOS check. Assuming that after you swap out the 2 sticks and they both work as lone sticks, go back into the BIOS and look for an advanced page or an option to turn on a "Diagnostic Mode" or "Memory Test", and run the memory test on each stick- one sitck at a time, to see if there is a minor/major memory addressing issue, with either stick. If they both pass individually, then, try reinstalling them both together and check to see if you can reach the BIOS with them both in place. If not try putting the 512 in the 0 or first memory slot and the 1gb in the second slot, then repeat the memory test, swap the 1gb sticks again, and repeat the memory test on the second stick- (the thinking here is that if it is not the memory sticks themselves, perhaps it is the motherboard or one of the sockets for the ram that is bad).If you can reach the BIOS with both 1gb sticks in place, but, not actually boot to the operating system, then it is possibly a timing issue- this SHOULD BE AUTOMATICALLY configured, but, if you are an overclocker or a "performance wonk" you may have changed a relevant setting in the bios that controls the speed at which the memory and the processor interact. Or it could be a problem with windows hardware monitor not accepting the changes to the amount of memory in the machine. To test this possibility try going into "safe mode" at boot up, after the BIOS screen/Compaq logo has come and gone.If you can boot into safe mode and not into regular mode, it is a problem with something in windows. Sometimes, just booting into safe mode alone will fix it, sometimes, it is necessary to run the restore DVD on the computer to fix the problem windows is having/ or alternatively reinstall windows without running the restore DVD, using this method will usually fix windows, with out deleting all of your data. You might have to reinstall a few programs afterward, but, your pictures, mp3s, document files, etc. will still be on the drive. Running the restore DVD almost always deletes your data, so USE THAT SOLUTION AS A VERY LAST RESORT, ONLY AFTER YOU HAVE TRIED EVERY other option I have given you. Good luck, and hope this helps. 
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My touchscreen dont work after re-install windows xp.

Here is a link to touchscreen drivers and instructions: there you can find other drivers for CF-18.
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Cf-18 Hi, I'm trying to install a new 60gb HD and do a new install of XP pro from an external USB cd drive. I keep getting NTLDR error and then ask for my password. I have tried to use my admin PW but I believe it is asking for a BIOS pw which I do not know. Any ideas? The original HD has several viruses, but still works. Just thought a new HD and clean install of XP would be the easier way out, but it is not working out this way. Thanks in advance for any help in this matter..............Tony

Have same problem. have been told that 900mhz processor will not reconise anything over 20gb hard installation
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Toughbook CF-18 Supervisor Passwd

Toughbook CF18, CF-18How to remove the BIOS Supervisor Password:Open all covers and openings. Remove hard drive and battery. Remove bottom of notebook. Many many tiny screws.Now look towards the rear of the notebook. You will see 2 plugs both have a red and black wires. The one with the much smaller wires and connector is the BIOS battery. Use a pair of needle nose pliers and remove this plug. Leave it off for 5-15 minutes. Leave the BIOS battery plug off. Replace the laptop's main battery. Leave the hard drive out. Turn the unit over and turn it on. Press F2 when the screen comes up. POOF! NO PASSWORD! Go to Security and disable the password. Save configuration. Turn off the notebook. Replace the small connector. Turn it back over and turn it back on. Press F2 and verify that there is no password. Go to Security and Disable the password again. Save the configuration.Put the bottom back on. You're done. NOW FOR THE BAD NEWS!!!Your hard drive is now dead. Replace it. When a supervisor password is used it locks the hard drive to that password. There is NO WAY to recover the hard drive. It is called an ATA security password. Without the ATA password the hard drive is completely useless.
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Hi...I just formatted my x61 tablet with windows XP pro...But I cannot get any of the tablet features and touchscreen to work...I have all the updates and lenovo toolbox say everything is installed...did i miss something?

Maybe IBM have some drivers but as XP is obsolete, they may not.Operating Systems as supplied from new. Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit Microsoft Windows Vista Business 32-bit and 64-bit Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate 32-bit Microsoft Windows XP Tablet Edition 2005Are you using XP Tablet Edition as that edition has the drivers for the features?
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